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Inventarisation: Erfgoed Fundaasje, 2018-2023
See for family data a.o.: Kertiersteat Baukje en Sytske Palsma – Erfgoed Fundaasje (erfgoed-fundaasje.nl)

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II.1.1 Persons

Botma, Ype Jans x Tjitske Aukes Algera
Sjoch: Genealogy Botma VIII.7.1
Dijkstra, Antje Pieters*
Dijkstra, Pieter Dirks
Kalma, Anna Janke Willems Kalma (Annie)
Kalma, Lysbeth Nynke Willems (Lies)
Kalma, Kornelis Jetzes*
Kalma, Sytske Kornelis*
Palsma, Kornelis Franses
Palsma, Frans Renderts x Sytske Cornelis Kalma
Palsma, Jarig Renderts; photo Van der Peijl, Leeuwarden
Palsma, Jarig Franses
Palsma, Pendert Jarigs; photographer: Obbema & De Bruin, Leeuwarden-Sneek
Slim, Sytske Jacobs
Tilma, Neeltje Franses; photo Van der Peijl, Leeuwarden

Photo’s unknown persons

II.1.3 Variety photo’s
Friesche Plant Aardappel Exporthandel N.V.

III Letters, postcards etc.



V.1 De Bildtse Post 31-10-1952: Italiaanse minister van landbouw met minister Mansholt in St Jacob

VI.1 Documents concerning Friesche Plantaardappelexport
See: De Friesche Plant
VI.1.1 Brochure in Dutch, English, French and German. Contents: 32 pages, 5 pages of text and 27 photos with captions, on cream paper in a dark brown cardboard cover, bound with a green cord of 21 cm.; outside size: 23 × 14 cm., inside: 22.5 x 13.5 cm.
Front, in round logo, text on an illustration of a potato sack: D&M/ST. JACOB/FRIESLAND
at the bottom of the logo: LEGALLY DEPOSIT.
at the bottom: PEC. PIET DE VRIES./’24
Piet de Vries designed this logo in New Style, up to date in 1924
VI.1.2 Three postcards, from a series, three have been preserved; text front: Danzig, Spring 1924/Dressing and paeking Polish potatoes/Dykstra & Miedema Brothers/
Fotographer: Gustav Kretin, Portechaissengasse 8, Danzig; 1924
VI.1.3 Dagboek reis Zuid-Amerika – 1926, written by Pieter Dirks Dijkstra; 10,5 pages A-4 typed, 1926
VI.1.4 Letter from Angelo Castelletti to Pieter Dirks Dijkstra, 17-4-1929
VI.1.5 Photo album; 27 photos (there seem to be five missing) about the export trade with Pieter Dykstra as a central figure and goose honor pelsorters; art photographer: Frans C.D. Popken, Achlumerstraat 2, Leeuwarden; one is of Sjoerd Andringa, 6 Vredeman de Vriesstraat. exterior size: 34×24.5 sm., interior: 34×24.; the 1930s
VI.1.6 Letter from ir M.H. Brodhaag, Ambassade der Nederlanden – Economische Afdeeling, (in envelope) to Pieter Dirks Dijkstra, 12-4-1947
VI.1.7 Advertising book; advertising in book form for the Italian potato market. Contents: 40 pages, 2 pages of text and 38 photos with captions, on dark brown cardboard paper in wine red uneven cardboard cover, bound with a dark red cord of 33 cm.; size outside and inside: 31×22 cm. Front, gilt print, in a diamond with a stylized potato plant with two leaves and a flower in a chalice with ears. Text bottom right, centered: DIJKSTRA & GEBR. MIEDEMA/ Espritazione di patate/ Specialita Patate da Semina St. Jacobi Parochie (Frisia) Olanda/; n.d.
VI.1.8 Pamphlet in Italian, Dijkstra & Gebr. Miedema –Semilas de Frisia – Hagen al Patatero svd Americano millionario, n.d.
VI.1.9 Postcard, text on the back: ST. JACOBI PAROCHIE/(Frise) Hollande/Veld aardappelen soort ,,Bintje’’./Champ de pommes de terre ,,Bintje’’., n.d.

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