On 25 February 2009 the extensive family and business archive De Jong-Bitgum was donated By Akke de Jong-Terpstra in Bitgum (Genealogy II.2) to Erfgoed Fundaasje.
As part of the care for business and family heritage in the Klaaiboustreek region, an extensive family archive has also been created, described, archived and digitized by Erfgoed Fundaasje. This is secured for the future and is stored according to agreements in climate-controlled vaults at the municipality of Waadhoeke. The archives can be consulted for research by appointment with Heritage Foundation.
The family tree below is set up so that descendants who do not bear the name De Jong are also included.
This wil never be fully completed, but below a lot of data is still missing. The source is as good as the family tree as it is included in the Report of the Brouwers evening 1970. Additions are appreciated.
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Bedriuw Leanbedriuw De Jong Bitgum
Contracting firm De Jong Bitgum ready to move to the countryside. On the coach-box of the tilt cart are Sjoerd Martens de Vries and Bettus Jitzes de Jong. Who knows who the other twenty-nine Bitgumers are? info@erfgoed-fundaasje.nl

* = born
~ = baptized
x = married
w.m. = living together
sk = divorced
† = deceased
[] = buried
§ = anecdote/statement/addition; shown in green

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Johannes Jitzes † Holwert approximately 1803; baker in Holwerd;
x Holwerd 24-6-1798, both from Holwerd, Pietje Bartels Faber;
Pietje x 2 Tjebbe Cornelis Peizel, baker and merchant in Holwerd

Jitze Johannes de Jong * Holwerd 14-1-1801 ~ there 8-2-1861 † Ternaard 23-6-1885; at time of marriage baker’s helper in Holwerd; Master bread baker in Wierum; in 1885 baker in Ternaard; 
At baptism: Jitze, in marriage certificate registered as: Jetze;
Jitze is tested in 1820 for military service en does not have to enter service: /…/on account of unsuitability for service is completely exempt;
description: length: 1 ell, 72 cm (5’8″); countenance: long; forehead: round; eyes: blue; nose: ord[idinary]; mouth: large; chin: round; hair: brown; eyebrows: brown; noticeable markings: none;
x Westdongeradeel 13-5-1823, 22 and 21 jier, Taapke Hotzes Boom * Rottevalle 10-9-1801 ~ there 31-1-1802 † Ternaard 3-12-1878, 77 years; daughter of Hotze Johannes Boom, skipper in Rottevalle, and Jantje Eeuwes Boom

Harke Jitzes de Jong * Wierum 6-4-1833 † Bitgum 22-12-1906, 73 years, [] Bitgum, row 20, grave 9; at time of marriage smith’s helper in Ternaard, residing in Dokkum; since 1855 blacksmith in Berltsum (nr 33); since 27-2-1867 tapper, innkeeper of By de Greate Pomp in Bitgum (nr 10, 2, 9), vehicle keeper, has since 1881 a ferry service in Leeuwarden, smallholder in Bitgum (nrs 302, 168), and Hylkje Sybolts Feenstra;
x Menameradiel 10-5-1855, both 22 years, Hylkje Sybolts Feenstra * Akkerwoude 18-4-1833 † Bitgum 24-12-1903, 70 years, [] Bitgum, row 20, grave 8; daughter of Sybolt Douwes Feenstra, teacher in Burgum, since 11-6-1827 headmaster in Akkerwoude, en Klaaske Sytses Kooistra;
Sybolt Feenstra has as salary in Akkerwoude f 190,00, school fees and free accommodations; in 1864 and 1865 is asked to be head of the Christian National School in Dokkum, which he declines twice; he retires on 1-7-1868.
1 Taapke Harkes de Jong * Berltsum 13-3-1856 † probably North America; her household is first Dutch Reformed, later Mennonite; since her marriage baker in Sint Jacobiparochie; moves from there on 9-6-1898 with husband and three children to North America: ‘unidentified region’;
x Menameradiel 15-11-1883, 27 and 24 years, Willem Gerrits Buisman * Bitgum 14-7-1859 † probably North America; before his marriage baker’s helper; moves from Bitgum on 3-11-1879 to Sint Nicolaasga; comes 22-11-1880 from there to Baaium (nr 5a, residing with baker Jarig Sjoerds Winselaar and Janke Jans de Jong); moves from there on 4-6-1881 to Bitgum; at his marriage is baker there, since baker in Sint Jacobiparochie; son of Gerrit Raggers Buisman, baker in Bitgum (nrs 230, 128, 156), and Maaike Klazes Wassenaar
Children, all children in Sint Jacobiparochie:
1 Maaike * 28-10-1884; 2 Hielkje * 12-11-1885 † there 26-12-1885; 3 Harke * 11-2-1888; 4 Hielkje * 17-7-1890 † there 11-10-1890; 5 Gerrit * 8-7-1891
2 Klaaske Harkes de Jong * Berltsum 6-4-1859 † Bitgummole 13-1-1941, 81 years, [] Bitgum, row 22, grave 2; her household is respectively Dutch Reformed, no denomination, Reformed; at time of marriage no profession in Bitgum;
x Menameradiel 13-5-1880, 21 and 24 years, Johannes Jans Tuinhof * Sint Annaparochie 16-9-1855 † Bitgummole 26-6-1935, 79 years, [] Bitgum, row 22, grave 2; church councilmember Reformed Church Bitgum; at time of marriage no profession in Menaam, since there smallholder; since Alde Maaie (12 may) 1890 smallholder in Bessebuorren (nrs 139a, 253); since 1894 [?] in Bitgummole; son of Jan Sjoerds Tuinhof, cattle and potato farmer in Sint Annaparochie, and Antje Pieters Havinga
1 Harke Tuinhof * Menaam 15-10-1881 18-6-1961 [] Bitgum; smallholder on the Menamerdyk in Bitgummole (nr 255),
x Ferwerderadiel 15-7-1911, 29 and 22 years, Ida Steen * Stiens 14-6-1889 † 15-5-1974 [] Bitgum; comes on 4-9-1911 from Marrum in Bitgummole; dr of Gerrit Popkes Steen, carpenter in Stiens and Marrum, and Korneliske Heerkes Westra
2 Hielkje Tuinhof * Menaam 1-10-1883 † Leeuwarden 30-1-1961; since 7-9-1914 housekeeper in Leeuwarden (Van der Kooistrjitte M7); at time of marriage housekeeper with her husband;
x Menameradiel 7-4-1915, 31 and 39 years, Gijsbertus Roukema;
Gijsbertus x 1 Elisabeth Kielema; x 2 Rigtje Douwes van der Schaaf, daughter of Douwe Arjens van der Schaaf and Grietje Tjeerds Runia
See: Genealogy Van der Schaaf – IX.4
3 Jitze Harkes de Jong, follow I
4 Akke Harkes de Jong, see Genealogy Gosliga – V.1
5 Syboltje Harkes de Jong, see Genealogy Fierstra – VI.4


I Jitze Harkes de Jong * Berltsum 26-10-1860 † Bitgum 17-1-1951, 90 years, [] Bitgum, row 20, grave 10; farmer and carter at It Tiltsje in Bitgum; 1907 member preparation committee water authority De Trije Doarpen, since its establishment in 1911 board member;
x Menameradiel 25-10-1888, 24 and 27 years, Folkje Gerbens Brouwer * Bessebuorren in Menaam below Bitgum 22-7-1864 † Bitgum 27-1-1939, 74 years, [] Bitgum row 20, grave 10; farmer in Bitgum; member Ladies’ Committee Useful Needlework
See: Genealogy Brouwer 1 – XII.1.4

Folkje Gerbens Brouwer
Folkje Gerbens Brouwer. Photographer: C.B. Broersma, Leeuwarden

1 Harke Jitzes de Jong * Bitgum 21-3-1890 † there 30-5-1933, 43 years, [] Bitgum, row 20, grave 9; market gardener in Bitgum
2 Gerben Jitzes de Jong * Bitgum 28-6-1897 † Menaam 23-9-1975, 76 years, [cremated Goutum]; farmer and carter in Bitgum; mayor of Menameradiel 1941-’45;
x Menameradiel 25-10-1947, 50 and 37 years, Hermina Dijkstra (Mien) * Koudum 26-2-1910 † Bitgummole, Menamerdyk, 1-7-1974, 64 years; before her marriage housekeeper with her husband; daughter of Uilke Evert Sieks Dijkstra, cattle breeder in Koudum, and Wytske Jans Nieuwenhuis
3 Hielke Jitzes de Jong, follow II.1
4 Bettus Jitzes de Jong, follow II.2

II.1 Hielke Jitzes de Jong * Bitgum 4-6-1903; smallholder, grower and market gardener in Bitgum;
x Menameradiel 25-10-1927, both 24 years, Dieuwke Fokkema * Menaam 15-2-1903; daughter of Fokke Jouws Fokkema, cattle breeder in Menaam, and Antje Andries Andringa
1 Antje de Jong, follow III.1
2 Folkje de Jong, follow III.2 
3 Jitze Hielkes de Jong, follow III.3
4 Fokje de Jong, follow III.4 

II.2 Bettus de Jong * Bitgum 5-9-1905; cattle and potato farmer and carter in Bitgum;
x Menameradiel 22-5-1930, 24 and 19 years, Akke Terpstra * Vrouwenparochie 11-6-1910; at time of marriage no profession in Bitgum; daughter of Meinte Reinders Terpstra, worker in Vrouwenparochie and Bitgum, and Klaaske Jacobs Bouma
1 Jitze Bettus de Jong, follow III.5
2 Klaaske de Jong, follow III.6
3 Meinte de Jong, follow III.7

III.1 Antje de Jong (Annie) * Bitgum 24-2-1929; at time of marriage no profession in Bitgum;
x Menameradiel 25-10-1950 Gabe Werkhoven * Berltsum 23-5-1973; cattle breeder on the Blikvaart below Sint Annaparochie; son of Folkert Gabes Werhoven, smallholder in Berltsum, and Lieuwkje Tækes Schiphof
1 Dieuwke Werkhoven, follow IV.1
2 Folkert Werkhoven, follow IV.2
3 Lieuwkje Werkhoven, follow IV.3 

III.2 Folkje de Jong * Bitgum 20-6-1930
x Menameradiel 12-6-1952 Jacob van Loon * Sint Annaparochie 16-8-1928; at time of marriage mechanic in Bitgum; son of Klaas Siebes van Loon, in 1923, ’52 worker in Bitgum, and Maaike Baukes de Vries
1 Klaas van Loon, follow IV.4

2 Dieuwke van Loon, follow IV.5
3 Hielke van Loon, follow IV.6

III.3 Jitze Hielkes de Jong * Bitgum 8-3-1941
x Menameradiel 27-6-1962 Klara Kooistra * 12-10-1943; daughter of Jacob Annes Kooistra, in 1936 carpenter’s hand in Marsum, and Johanna Piers Sinnema
1 Johanna de Jong, follow IV.7
2 Hielke de Jong, follow IV.8
3 Jacob de Jong, follow IV.9

III.4 Fokje de Jong * Bitgum 2-4-1942; saleswoman bookstore;
x Menameradiel 2-2-1961 Wiepke Auke Algera * Jorwert 5-4-1941; at time of marriage cattle breeder in Jorwert; dir. installation company Algera Beetgum; son of Meindert Wypkes Algera, cattle breeder in Ureterp and Jorwert, and Tjitske Folkerts Binnema
1 Meindert Wiepke Algera, follow IV.10
2 Dieuwke Algera, follow IV.11
3 Tjitske Algera, follow IV.12

III.5 Jitze Bettus de Jong * Bitgum 15-1-1934; carter in Bitgum; dir. Firma B.J. De Jong;
x 6-7-1961 Johanna Doutje de Jong * Vrouwenparochie 7-2-1938; daughter of Klaas Johannes de Jong, cattle and potato farmer below Vrouwenparochie, and Trijntje Pieters Prins
1 Gerben Jitzes de Jong, follow IV.13
2 Klaas de Jong, follow IV.14
3 Menno de Jong, follow IV.15

III.6 Klaaske de Jong (Klaske) * Bitgum 21-7-1937; at time of marriage profession in Bitgum;
x Menameradiel 21-12-1961 Simon Brouwer * Sint Annaparochie 16-12-1938; at time of marriage plumber in Sint Annaparochie; son of Sjoerd Cornelis Brouwer, in 1933 gas fitter in Sint Annaparochie, in 1960 there head gas fitter, and Grietje Simons Boorsma
1 Akke Brouwer, follow IV.16
2 Sjoerd Brouwer, follow IV.17
3 Bettus Brouwer, follow IV.18
III.7 Meinte de Jong * Bitgum 28-7-1940; at time of marriage contractor in Bitgum, at his father’s business; dir. oil trade;
x 11-8-1960 Geertje Eisma * Leeuwarden 2-7-1939; at time of marriage office assistant in Bitgum; daughter of Petrus Alles Eisma, café owner in Leeuwarden, producer of spirits, and Jantje Martens Siderius
Meinte and Geertje are second cousins; Geertje is a granddaughter of Jantje Gerbens Brouwer;
-Johannes Woudstra, Siderius – De Familie en het Handschrift, eigen behear, Ingelum, 2002 ISBN 90 9015705 0 – XIV.429.602
Genealogy Brouwer 1 – XII.1.3 
1 Bettus de Jong, follow IV.19
2 Petrus de Jong, follow IV.20
3 Jitze de Jong, follow IV.21

IV.1 Dieuwke Werkhoven * 6-7-1952

IV.2 Folkert Werkhoven * 3-3-1954; cattle breeder on the Blikvaart below Sint Annaparochie; owner of camping De Blikfeart;
Afke Jorritsma

IV.3 Lieuwkje Werkhoven * 18-5-1961

IV.4 Klaas van Loon * 11-10-1952

IV.5 Dieuwke van Loon * 25-12-1955

IV.6 Hielke van Loon * 5-4-1961

IV.7 Johanna de Jong * 5-12-1961

IV.8 Hielke de Jong * 15-4-1964

IV.9 Jacob de Jong * 13-2-1968

IV.10 Meindert Wiepke Algera * Jorwert 4-7-1961; heating mechanic; dir. installation company Algera Beetgum;
x Boarnsterhim 28-6-1985 Elise Veenstra * Grou 2-5-1965; biller; daughter of Taeke Arend Veenstra, production worker, and Jantje Wouda
1 Sandra Algera * Bitgum 21-7-1987

IV.11 Dieuwke Algera * Jorwert 25-1-1963; administrative assistant legal affairs Postbank, Leeuwarden

IV.12 Tjitske Algera * Jorwert 20-11-1964; administrative assistant Weidelco (refrigiration technology) Bitgum;
x Leeuwarden 27-5-1987 Hubertus Georgius Johannes Rolf * Leeuwarden 29-4-1963; representative Weidelco; son of Georgius Petrus Johannes Swiebertus Rolf, dir. Weidelco in Bitgum, and Everdina Maria Helena Broekman, administrative assistant

IV.13 Gerben Jitzes de Jong * 17-11-1962; pilot KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

IV.14 Klaas de Jong * 13-1-1965; dir. livery stable Fa. De Jong, Bitgum

IV.15 Menno de Jong * 14-2-1968

IV.16 Akke Brouwer * 18-11-1962

IV.17 Sjoerd Brouwer * 10-7-1964

IV.18 Bettus Brouwer * 17-11-1966

IV.19 Bettus de Jong * 9-1-1961

IV.20 Petrus de Jong * 13-9-1962

IV.21 Jitze de Jong * 13-3-1964