‘t Bildt

In this section you find documents about the region ’t Bildt, for instance:
– files about genealogies
– facts about locations in ’t Bildt
– supplements to the Frisian branch of the Wassenaars, Wassenaar-Comite, Laverman N.V., Drachten, 1963 from W.Tsj. Vleer.

All this work was done by Johannes Woudstra and Douwe Zwart. All together they collected here more than fifty thousand names, an enormous source for a historian.

The files are presented in Dutch. Heritage Foundation (Erfgoed Fundaasje) has not yet found the time to translate all texts to Bildts and English.
The policy of Heritage Foundation (Erfgoed Fundaasje) is to publish as much as possible in the original language and dialect: what happened in ’t Bildt, will in general be presented in Bildts.